After his Supreme Court victory, Senator Sani Musa kickstarted his Mandate with the unveiling of his “Strategic Senatorial Action Plan, for Niger East Senatorial District”, Arguably the first of its kind, on Sunday, 21st July, 2019 to intimate the people his Zone and by extension, Nigerians, of his plan for them.

The event had the Distinguished Senator Ahmad Lawan, The President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as its Special Guest of Honor. Other distinguish Senators present during the unveiling were the Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ovie Omo Agege, Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, as well as some of his colleagues in the senate. The Executive Governor of Niger State, His Excellency, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello served as the Chief Host of the event.

Work for accountable and responsive government

A respected American politician once said that all politics is local. I believe that all government is local. This is because government must not be some faceless, nameless bureaucracy alien from its constituents. It must be a living, breathing presence in the lives of people. It must be responsive to the people’s needs and sensitive to their plight.

Thus, government must be as near to the people as possible. This, I believe is the essence of good governance. My experience as a businessman and politician, and once upon a time a Special Adviser to Niger State Government has convinced me that this is the best way government can make a positive impact on the lives of ordinary citizens. For this reason, I shall commit myself to strengthening government interventions and bringing development closer to the people, especially at the wards level.

My believe for the emancipation of the downtrodden cannot be quantified, hence I will give my all to support giving my constituents qualitative education - as fixing our schools is as good to say is fixing our troubles. An educated society provides a pool of productivity. Good health services, and makes agriculture a blaze so that standard of living will improve and be affordable.

Strengthen the family values. Empower the youth.

We Nigerians are family oriented, and with good reason. For it is through our families that we first taught good values that we carry through life. It is in our homes that we receive guidance, support, love and protection. I should know. I grew up in a large and close knit family that thrived on love and caring. It was in our home that my ideals of service were nurtured.

Now that I have a family of my own, I would like my child to be brought up in the same way that I was reared. This is also my dream for all Nigeria children and their families. Therefore, I am committed to strengthen the family as the basic unit in our society and to work so that it can retain its role as the place where our children are molded and trained in to the values we Nigerians cherish.

In line with this thrust, I intend to introduce legislation that shall support and enhance family welfare. Closely connected with this, I shall introduce measures on a variety of important issues that have significant impact on the family, such as employment generation, job security, overseas Nigeria workers, responsible parenthood and family planning.

The great Nigeria patriot Nnamdi Azikiwe pointed to the youth as the hope of the fatherland. Ours is a nation of young people who form the overwhelming majority of the population. As a student leader, I have worked for affordable, quality and relevant education. I have pushed for student’s rights and welfare. I intend to pursue these goals as a Senator. Toward this end, I shall advocate for the improvement of the public school system, upgrade the condition of teachers and provide equal educational opportunities for all our youth, especially those in the countryside.

Push for livable communities. Advocate urban renewal and transformation.

It is estimated that in the future majority of our population shall be city dwellers. In fact, Abuja alone is home to 10 million of our people. Despite this, Abuja and other key cities suffer from congestion, pollution, traffic jams, severe lack of social services and high crime rates.

Development, to be truly meaningful, must manifest itself at the grassroots in the form of vibrant, clean, peaceful and progressive communities. It is my vision to transform our urban centers into livable and “walkable” communities, where people are safe and social services are accessible.

To realize this, I shall endeavor to reduce travel time from homes to workplaces by rationalizing urban transport systems. I shall strive to provide quality and affordable housing for the typical employee through an invigorated housing policy that will mobilize private investors to close the housing gap. I shall push for legislation to develop “walkable” urban communities where basic social services are a walk away from home. I shall work to decongest our urban centers by addressing rural poverty in order to stem the tide of migration into our cities. In line with this, I shall propose legislation to build rural capacities for sustainable economic progress.

This is my agenda in the Senate. This is what I hope to achieve. I am aware that this agenda is not a comprehensive solution to the complex issues that confront our nation. I believe this is just the first step to address the many concerns that confront us. It is merely the start of completing the historic task of building a nation that we can be proud of.

I do not have any illusions that I can realize this dream alone. I have always believed that the task of nation building will not be realized by a single leader posing as a messiah, but by the collective effort of Nigerians, possessed of a single vision, united by a common goal and giving the best of themselves in this grand undertaking.

I am sure that my dream for our country is shared by all Nigerians, for it is the deepest desire of our people to have a secure life for themselves and for their children, to see their nation rise up from the morass of poverty and despair. It is the same dream that animated the trio of Azikiwe, Awolowo and Sir Ahmadu Bello and their colleagues, the same vision that obsessed the great leaders of our land. It is the same dream that we still pursue today.

Our finest hours have been those times when Nigerians came together to reach for a better future. Our history is replete with instances when ordinary people came together, putting aside their differences for the sake of the common good. In our lifetime, we had seen great economic transformations, shining examples of what our united people can accomplish. They are our testimonies to the greatness of the Nigeria spirit.

In collaboration with all stakeholders, efforts will be made to seek for the establishment of an additional tertiary institution in the senatorial district as it will bring about further development and as is often acknowledged, education is the pivotal of emancipation of our people and the very best a people’s representative can do is to encourage more to the people. Other focal and critical areas that will be given attention include the following;




Pipe borne water

Tackling erosion in the district

Roads and infrastructural development


Women empowerment

Youths empowerment

Create awareness for the recognition of our traditional rulers and the improvement of their welfare package and enabling environment to rule our communities well


As they say “Health is Wealth”. I will do what is required to bring about improvement in the health care and delivery system of our Senatorial District. Emphasis will be on cost effectiveness, efficiency, affordability, sustainability and accessibility.
Measures will be put in place to cure and arrest the spread of a few diseases which have been identified as prevalent in the senatorial district liaising with the state and federal ministry of health.


There is no gain saying that farming is the major occupation and mainstay of the rural population of the senatorial district. Arrangement will be made to advance our people from subsistence to mechanized farming through the use of tractors and equipments. Loan arrangement will be put in place to meet farmers’ immediate needs and for medium and long term commercial production. The effort will benefit only genuine and practicing farmers, In collaboration with the federal ministry of agriculture, access to fertilizers at affordable prices will be promoted and field officers will be posted to the senatorial district to advice farmers on how to increase crop yield and the introduction of varied and improved seedling.


Concerned effort will be made to facilitate job creation in the senatorial district. For the first time ever in the history of this senatorial district, I will be in the forefront of pushing vigorously for the provision of unemployment benefits for those who are without work and the establishment of a sustainable skill acquisition centers for those who are without formal education.
Job creation, unemployment benefits and skills acquisition centers will go a long way in fostering a sense of belonging, patriotism and joint ownership (stake-holding) of the Nigerian project and at the same time help curb youth restiveness which has at times led to the breakdown of law and order across the country.

Pipe-Borne Water

Provision of portable water is a social service which no Government and true representative of the people can afford to take lightly.
Water is life and I will do all that is required so that we shall all well appreciate. There have been incidences of cholera and other water borne diseases in my senatorial district in the past. This will not be allowed to go unaddressed as we will seek collaboration with the agencies of the state and federal Government charged with the responsibility of water supply as this will ensure improved and adequate supply of clean water to the local communities comprising the senatorial district.
Personally, I will also personally donate boreholes to some communities in the senatorial district over time.


Ecological problems confront some part of the state and erosion has really become a big issue in some areas of the senatorial district with a view to addressing these problems.


No stone will be left unturned in ensuring that existing roads in the senatorial district are properly maintained, construction of new roads to open up and link all rural communities in the senatorial district will be pursued with vigor and good sense of responsibility as this will improve trade and economic growth of our Senatorial district.

Electricity and Power Supply

We already have fair knowledge of the problem militating against full and regular electricity supply in the senatorial district. Immediately action will be taken to address the problem and redress the imbalance in the electricity supply to the senatorial district.
In concert with other critical stakeholders, all efforts will be made to connect all our local communities to the national grid.

Women Empowerment

Politicians have reduced our mothers to dancing and expendable folks, this should not be so and it’s utterly disgusting but understanding the role of women in society and in politics, a new affirmative action shall soon be unveiled for our women. The women of the senatorial district will be given uttermost respect. We will make our dance to their empowerment and community developmental joy, as I will endeavor to create gender sensitive jobs for the women, expanding and trading opportunities and promote policies that will empower women, increase women participation in politics and appointment into political offices by way of affirmative action.

Youth Empowerment

Youth have no business sleeping at home during the day when they are supposed to be at work or graduates being professional okada riders when they are supposed to be in their offices or sites where their skills will be most needed. This is a big challenge that must be addressed and must ensure that youths are off the streets.

Traditional Institutions

The role of traditional rulers and institutions is not clearly enshrined or defined in the constitution, I believe passionately in the role and importance of our traditional institutions in community development and nation building. At the senate, I will vigorously pursue a constitutional role clearly defined and given more life reserved for our time tested and edifying traditional rulers and institutions